Muchamad Noor Eva A
world means nothing, but eyes never lies


world means nothing, but eyes never lies

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About Me

I was working in advertising agency as an art Director for 10 years. Photography is a part of my life. Photography is how to capture a reality of life and framed into a picture. We can see everything with our eyes, and we have a choice to tell something to everybody or just keep it. But with a photograph we can tell something about what we've seen. So if you see something, tell to everybody about what you have seen with Photography


Published in JPG Magazine, National Geographic Indonesia, IndoPost Autralia, Exposure Magz, FAR Magz, Bali & Beyond Magz, Best Photo of Jakarta 2011 & 2012, Book of Indonesia 2012,2013


Best Photo & Gold Award at Pinasthika 2005. Outstanding Award at GWW Photo Contest 2009 Japan. Special Award, 1st winner NatGeo Indonesia 2009, 2014. Finalist Color of Jakarta 2011, 2012, 2016. 2nd, 3rd Winner CPMI 2011, 2015. Finalist of IAPC 2015. 3rd POTD Imaging Resource. LFI 2012
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